Homemade Chashu Ramen From Scrap Bones w/ Sliced Chashu & Easy Aji-Tama

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Want to do something fancy for yourself or someone special? Make some homemade Chashu Ramen from scratch to warm anyone up and make the night memorable. This healthy, hearty broth is as easy as it gets and tastes like home. We recommend preparing our easy ramen eggs the night before to really get that explosion of flavor to highlight your bowl, but it can be made same day if you’re low on time.

Please remember to check your broth while it’s simmering every once in a while and to add water as needed so it doesn’t evaporate down and burn. This is easy to forget and super important!

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00:09 Ramen Eggs (Ajitama)
01:30 Chashu Ramen Broth
04:30 Chashu Pork
08:04 Chashu Sauce
08:55 Konbu Tsukudani
11:10 Chashu Ramen Broth Continued
13:15 Ramen Toppings


★ Ingredients for two

~ Ramen ~
 ・Frozen Chicken Bones
 ・Dried Bonito Flakes
 ・1 Bulb of Garlic
 ・1 Leek
 ・½ Onion
 ・½ Carrot
 ・Soy sauce

~ Ramen Eggs ~
 ・2 Eggs

~ Chashu ~
 ・1 lb Pork Belly/Shoulder
 ・1 Garlic Clove
 ・1 Dried Red Pepper
 ・½ Knob of Ginger
 ・1 Leek
 ・400ml Water
 ・150ml Soy sauce Sake
 ・150ml Mirin
 ・1 tbsp Rough Ground Mustard
 ・2 tbsp Balsamic/White vinegar
 ・3 ½ tbsp Sugar

~ Toppings ~
 ・Ramen Noodles
 ・Green onion
 ・Red ginger
 ・La-yu (Chili oil)
 ・Black pepper

~ Konbu Tsukudani ~
 ・400ml Water
 ・2 tbspSake
 ・2 tbsp Soy sauce
 ・2 tbsp Mirin
 ・2 tbsp Sugar
 ・1 tsp Vinegar

★ Cooking Recipe

【the night before】
*Prepare for Eggs
1. Make water boiled
2. Cook eggs for 7.5~8 minutes
3. When eggs are cooked, out in ice water
4. Peel the shell out
5. Put eggs in sandwich bag and pour Men-Tsuyu.
6. Put the bag in refrigerator over night

1.) Make water in a big pot boiled and put chicken bones.
After 3 minutes boiled, drain the water and wash the bones.

2.) Put chicken bones in the pot back, and add water, Kelp.
Make the water boiled, then reduce the heat and cover and simmer over low heat for 1 hour

3.) While cooking bones, prepare for Cha-shu

Peel the skin of Ginger, Garlic, and roughly slice Ginger.
Remove seeds from Red pepper, cut White Negi (scallion) in 10~15cm

4.) In a pan, put Water 400cc, Soy sauce 150cc, Sake 150cc, Mirin 150cc, Sugar 3.5 spoons.
Add Ginger, Garlic, White Negi, Red pepper.
Bring the pot to a boil, and after boiling, turn off the heat.

5.) Heat frying pan over high heat and bake the pork tied with thread until the whole surface is golden browned.

6.) After cooked with frying pan, put the pork in 5.) pan while it’s hot.
Bring the pot to a boil

7.) Cover the surface with Alumi Foil and put the lid over it so that the whole meat is soaked in the sauce.
Boil over low heat for 1~2 hours, turning the meat upside down from time to time.

8.) After turning off the heat, sit it until it cools down.
As it cools, the tastes get soaked in the meat.

9.) When cooked bone for 1 hours, take out Kelp
Add Garlic, White Negi, Ginger, Onion, Carrot and boil for another 1.5 hour on medium heat uncovered.
Skim the form from the surface from time to time, and stir and add water as needed.

10.) After the meat cools, take 100cc source out from the pan.
Put the meat in a zip bag with the sauce that is left in the pan, and deflate the air.

11.) Put 100cc sauce on a pan and boil over low heat stirring frequently.
When boiled, add Balsamic vinegar, Mustard.

12.) After another 1.5 hour cooked, remove everything except bones from the pan.

13.) Add water, boil over high heat for another 1.5 hours uncovered, stirring once in 5~10 minutes.

14.) Add Dried bonito shavings and cook for 10 minutes over middle heat.

15.) Strain the soup with a colander, squeezing out the soup.

16.) Adjust the taste with Salt, Soy sauce, Black pepper etc…

17.) Slice Cha-shu, cut egg half, chop green onion, grade garlic

18.) Cook Noodle

19.) Pour boiling water from cooking noodle into the bowl to make it warm and drain.

19.) Pour soup into the bowl and put noodle in it.

19.) Put the toppings, such as Cha-shu, Egg, Menma, Red ginger, Chopped green onion, Nori, Garlic, Black pepper, La-yu etc…

19.) Serve extra Cha-shu with 11.) sauce

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