Prof David Paton | New evidence on the impact of the English care home vaccine mandate

Published July 14, 2022 596 Views

This new research and paper, which Prof David Paton has undertaken with a colleague, examines the impact of the English care home vaccine mandate on vaccine uptake, care home staffing and Covid deaths. David also assesses the overall ethics, costs and benefits of the pandemic restrictions, such as lockdowns, and poses the question “are lockdowns and vaccine mandates ever justified?”

Professor David Paton is Chair of Industrial Economics at the Nottingham University Business School and Co-editor of the International Journal of the Economics of Business. He has published widely in journals such as Economic Journal, Economica, Journal of Health Economics, Public Choice, Health Economics, Social Science and Medicine and the Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organisation. He has acted as an adviser to several government departments including HM Revenue and Customs, DCMS (the Department of Culture, Media and Sport) and the DTI (the Department of Trade and Industry).

David has been monitoring and analysing Covid-19 data and policy since the start of the pandemic, most notably through his Twitter account

The pandemic has revealed that it was about more than just public health and the political, economic and societal aspects of the response are of far greater significance than the virus itself. There remains a continued drive toward the transformation of our societies in ways that threaten democracy and our existing ways of life. Open Society Sessions aim to examine the political, societal and economic dimensions of our recent experience and analyse developments in the future.

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