Dr Mark Hobart | 12 July 2022 | Court Update

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12 July 2022 hearing outcome at the Melbourne Supreme Court on Dr. Mark Hobart.
8 months ago AHPRA alleged that Dr. Mark Hobart was a threat to the Public health and suspended his medical licence.

For 8 months he has been unable to work while they carry out their investigation.

Interestingly AHPRA alleged in court today that he was not accused of "professional misconduct," therefore laws relating to a speedy trial they deemed invalid. Talk about twisting the law to suit your purposes!

Evidence was provided of doctors who have been suspended 3 years ago, 2 years ago, etc all still waiting for AHPRA to complete their investigations. People wonder why more doctors don't speak out. This is why. Financial and emotional blackmail.

No wonder we continue to hear stories of jab injured being unable to obtain medical exemptions. Doctors fear the punishment of AHPRA.

AHPRA has been asked to provide an affidavit to the supreme court in one week for the progress of the investigation against Dr. Mark Hobart to show that it is being done in a timely manner.

Dr. Mark Hobart then has one week to respond if he chooses, and then the Judge will decide whether to force AHPRA to refer the matter to VCAT for a hearing.

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