Boris Johnson's father on the Depopulation of Millions by 2025

Published July 13, 2022 373 Views

Stanley Johnson Would Like To Reduce The Population Of The UK From 68 Million To 15 Million By 2025

Stanley Johnson, 80, the father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has written dozens of books including 'The Virus', 'The Marburg Virus', and 'Life Without Birth', Johnson has also worked for the World Bank and the European Commission.


Boris grew up in this household, with this dad...
...same with Bill and his dad.
...same with Justin and his dad.
...same with Klaus and his dad.
and the others,

It's like "embedded into them" to think in this way.
They are "bred" a certain way?

It seems they're groomed into a psychopathic eugenics kind of mentality that involves themselves being the "chosen superiors" and that there is a necessity for culling of all "the rest" whom they label deplorables to protect their lifestyles, which they hold in higher regard than those they deem "down there" because they weigh up this value system differently-as in, this whole mentality of the rich being held "up there" and the poor being held "down there"-they don't seem to value the human, the individual, for the unique traits each have - just seeing a sea of useless minions "beneath them", just "too many"...

There is no value placed on the individual if they aren't of a certain "breed". There's no value for the virtuous, or genuine caring, or love, laughter, the unique souls if you may... is it that they have never experienced it, never felt it? The authenticness of a human, compassion etc. It's a curious thing...

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Article by Boris Johnson in 2007 on Global Population Control

Full Interview, Stanley Johnson, 2012:

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