8 months ago

Morgellons hydrogel worms nano tech self ensemble

This is hydrogel worms used in self ensemble and they exorbe light not flourcent like the rest there is more in my hair of these than my face and rest of body hence why my skull is always wiggling like parasites infested I went into the sea yesterday for over an hour my legs inflammation and redness had gone down the spots on chest went down alot plus overall felt much better because of sea and also grounding the body release built up energy made a massive difference also take chlorine dioxide last 3 days puting about 4 drops of it in a drink don't taste it is 3000ppm so strong and also zinc and glutathione them two last are supposed to help with this so is chlorine dioxide I put it in my t gell shampoo and body wash so it in that to about 2 mil in each bottle I will update on progress or lack off

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