Has John Sullivan, Key January 6 Figure, Disappeared?

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1 year ago

In this podcast, Steve explores why the media has been ignoring John Sullivan’s case since mid-2021 and why the DOJ’s own website stopped updating his case in July of last year? Why is he living at home, while others far less engaged in the melee of January 6th are still rotting in the D.C. Gulag? Why is the court not penalizing Sullivan for violations of their orders against his social media presence? And, why isn’t the House Select Committee even remotely interested in investigating this person who only last month, once again labeled himself as a “BLM Activist” and someone who “Leads Antifa And BLM?”

*Explicit Language Warning*

U.S. Department of Justice:

Court Listener

My interview with James Sullivan. (James’ audio is really bad during the first half of the podcast.):

Jayden X YouTube channel:

John Sullivan’s Black Bloc Instructional Video:

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