Transference of Spirits

1 year ago

Shalom Pillars,
In this teaching you'll learn about the transference of spirits. There are holy and unholy transference of spirits and there are also different ways they are transferred from one person to another. An unholy spirit is just another way of saying demon, unclean spirit, or defiling spirit. One way spirits are transferred from one person to another is through the laying on of hands. Laying on of hands is a very powerful way for spirits to be transferred. You must be very prayerful about who you allow to lay hands on you because whatever is in that person will be transferred into you. It could mean major attacks from the enemy but there is also a holy laying on of hands and is initiated by God Himself for activating gifts of the Spirit, imparting wisdom, and mantles. Please share this message with everyone you can. It is not a subject taught in many churches today yet those who operate in the occult understand transference of spirits very well and utilize it often. It is one of their main ways to create soul-ties and spiritual cords to a person in order to control and manipulate them.

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