Bug Cuisine and Weaponized Insects: The Great Reset EXPOSED

Published July 10, 2022 1,649 Views

This video proves without a shadow of a doubt that the fakestream media campaign to convince the public in the West to be insectivores ( insect eaters) has failed miserably, period. They would have you believe that bug grub would save the planet, but actually it’s nothing of the sort. Actually, it’s a commie money making scheme whereby rubbish on garbage dumps are breeding grounds for larvae that would hatch into disgusting gross worms to be packaged and exported to the West. Can you imagine eating this stinking crappy ‘shayt’ everyday for the rest of your life? What do you think this would do to pregnant women? What does Klaus Schwab or Klaus ‘Scarab’ as we like to call him, take us for ?

So yeah, the bottom line is, the celebs who are pushing worm sh@# are satanic as the mad montage of video clips proves.


Hugo Talks

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