The New Realities For Small Airports

1 year ago

Invest 14 minutes for insights that are not being addressed in airport planning.

We cover the latest enplanement forecasts for the remainder of 2022. We look at the airports most vulnerable to the coming recession and changes in consumer patterns.

Plus, there are two proverbial 800-pound gorillas in the airport planning area that nobody seems to want to deal with. We do.

One is Mr. Recession, who's a bit concerned that issues such as inflation, higher jet-A costs and consumer shifts are not being included in future planning.

The other is Mr. SmallJet. His news is that the airline fleet sectors that formerly worked for small community air service are evaporating. In fact, 50-seaters are being retired rapidly, and there are no replacements.

Indeed, there are no additional airliners under 100 seats coming into airline fleets. That puts the kibosh on the value of a lot of ASD studies that promise small airports they'll find new service additions when there aren't airplanes to operate them.

Join us... and feel free to ask for a copy of the video deck.

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