107.1FM Radio LIVE Episode #34 ~ Vampire and Witch Hunters All Night Long...

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107.1FM Radio LIVE Episode #34 ~ Vampire and Witch Hunters All Night Long...

5:30pm PST, 7:30pm CST, 8:30pm EST, 1:30am UK Time, 2:30am SAST, 10:30am Sydney Australia, 12:30pm Wellington NZ

Colleen, Eugene, Justin, Aaron and I will be LIVE tonight with a GREAT Show singing the Praises of all those who protect the Young from Real Life Monsters...the Vampire and Witch Hunters...to that end we will be showing clips from a series of Brilliant Movies, that are extremely important to know and Innerstand...these movies will include,

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Timur Bekmambetov, 2012), Vampires (John Carpenter, 1998), The Witches (Robert Zemeckis, 2020), Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Burr Steers, 2016) and Featuring, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (Tommy Wirkola, 2013, from Producers, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay)...

It is truly going to be an amazing show, as these movie Clips will blow you away with how ACCURATE their storylines and dialogues are to the real life Vampires, Witches and Zombies...each of these movies are SPECIAL, as they are teaching us the Truth about how these Monsters came to pass, how to destroy them, and why we must be ALL IN with the Takedown of the Evil Cabal...

We will start the show by going over Current Events, including the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones...again, it is going to be an amazing show...

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