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Genesis 3:15 prophesied that the Seed of the Woman, the true Messiah, would crush the head of the seed of the Serpent. Is is believed by many that this Serpent's seed will be the direct offspring of Satan... THE ANTICHRIST. Our guest Ryan Pitterson reveals why he believes the end-times Antichrist will be a HYBRID angelic-human being, just like the NEPHILIM OF OLD!

“The Final Nephilim SkyWatch Exclusive”
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The book of Genesis prophesied that the Messiah would be born of “the seed of the woman,” but Genesis also predicted “another seed” would arrive on earth – and he is…THE FINAL NEPHILIM! SkyWatchTV is proud to present “The Final Nephilim SkyWatch Exclusive”! When you order Ryan Pitterson’s new book “The Final Nephilim” from the SkyWatchTV store, you’ll also receive the never before seen, exclusive DVD content “Quantum Prophecy” starring Ryan Pitterson and Josh Peck and “The Assyrian”, an video exposé of an ancient evil!
In the new ground-breaking book “The Final Nephilim”, author and researcher Ryan Pitterson details how while many have portrayed the the Antichrist to be a charismatic, military genius, he will actually be something far more sinister! He is the Final Nephilim, a fallen angelic-human hybrid who will use occult power to lure most of the world into the greatest deception in human history. Through his revelatory research, Ryan Pitterson answers questions such as:

• Will the fallen angels once again attempt to “mingle themselves with the seed of men”?

• Who or what is the Antichrist and does he have a supernatural origin?

• What is the connection between Quantum Physics and the Biblical symbolism of the scroll?

• What role do UFOs and alien phenomena play in end of time events?

• AND How do Jesus’ warnings about the Days of Noah decipher the prophecies of Revelation?

You’ll also receive the never before released interview “Quantum Prophecy” on DVD where SkyWatchTV’s own Josh Peck sits down with Ryan Pitterson to speak about Quantum Physics as it relates to biblically prophetic topics such:

• The Mark of the Beast!

• Ancient Antichrists

• AND Angels!

And as an added bonus, “Quantum Prophecy” also includes four of the absolute best episodes
of Josh Peck’s popular television show “Into The Multiverse” entitled:

• Untangling Quantum Entanglement!

• Quantum Tunneling!

• The Strangeness of Quantum Fields!

• AND The Real Science & Fake Religion of Quantum Biology!!

But that’s not all! We’re also including the never before seen content on DVD entitled “The Assyrian” where Ryan Pitterson goes into detail about an ancient evil who once walked the earth and is set to return up from the abyss to enter human flesh once again and to continue is reign of terror!

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So prepare for a study in Revelation that travels through time and space to decipher the most mysterious prophecies of the Apocalypse!! This collection is available ONLY through SkyWatch TV SO don’t delay! “The Final Nephilim SkyWatch Exclusive”, available now at, order now or call 1-844-750-4985!

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