A Fascinating Look into Traditional Diets | Eat Better | Trailer

Published July 6, 2022 87 Views
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In the early 1930s, a Cleveland dentist named Weston A. Price began a series of unique investigations. For over a decade, he traveled to isolated parts of the globe to study the health of populations untouched by Western civilization. He wanted to find the factors responsible for good dental health.

He learned that dental problems like cavities and overcrowding are the result of nutritional deficiencies rather than inherited genetic defects. He visited islands west of Scotland, remote Swiss villages, and indigenous peoples from North and South America. He also visited Melanesia, Polynesia, Australian Aborigines, and New Zealand Maori. Wherever he went he noticed beautiful straight teeth free from decay. He also noticed the people had strong physiques, resistance to disease, and fine characters.

These were all common traits of people on traditional diets that included essential nutrients. Naturally, Price compared his new discoveries with his experience of Western diets. Traditional diets contained four times the water-soluble vitamins and minerals. They also contain ten times the fat-soluble vitamins from the animal foods abundantly available.

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A Fascinating Look into Traditional Diets | Eat Better | Trailer
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