Zoom Call with Guest Speaker Neil Goodman Unlisted Video

1 year ago

Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator Neil Goodman (aka Kneel, Good Man!) who will lead us in this experiential session to show you how to relax, de-stress and heal emotional traumas.
On his website at https://kneel9.com/ Kneel shares:

“After 25 years of facilitating meditation programs, I decided to alter direction. Now, I also share my ideas with teams of clinicians as well as Veteran's with PTSD. My ramp-up process is designed to empower individuals and groups to embrace a sustainable Stress-Reduction process in the form of daily Mindfulness practices, Emotional Freedom Techniques along with HeartMath for health and wellness...”

Viewers will learn a variety of basic techniques combining HeartMath and Emotional Freedom Techniques. Since HeartMath is a form of meditation, a few breathing methods will also be explored for their enjoyment (breathing is not optional)

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