We Will Pay For Your Baby To Be Born | Guest: Sean Turner | Ep 652

Published July 5, 2022 410 Views

California is “leading” the fight against inflation by issuing stimulus checks to its citizens, as Gov. Newsom continues to waste money on ads in the state of Florida. Can California get anything right? BlazeTV host Dave Rubin is the third BlazeTV personality to be banned from Twitter, and Dave’s Twitter ban comes after Dave’s tweet defending Dr. Jordan Peterson. Sean Turner, president of Buffer Insurance, joins the podcast after the Texas-based company pushes back and offers insurance that pays for birth, adoption, and leave for new parents. Is this the proper way to push back? A 100-year-old WW2 veteran no longer recognizes his country, to the point that he gets emotional and starts to cry. AOC is on social media giving her advice on how people should push back against the system that’s taking rights. Is AOC losing her touch?

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