Project Braveheart: Kathleen’s Story on Vaccine Mandates

1 year ago

Washington Civil Rights Council (WCRC) has been fighting to help people all across Washington State both to understand COVID law and to legally defend their rights. We stand with people who have experienced unjust discrimination in the areas of workplace mandates, school mandates, Vax ID, mask-free shopping, and the vaccine injured.

We want to put a face on such injustice, and this video is the first in our Project Braveheart series. We share the story of Kathleen, who worked at the Port of Seattle for 18 years. Imagine having to choose between your job or taking an experimental jab. She was terminated, losing a six-figure job.

We stand with Kathleen. For more information on your civil rights, contact us and let us stand with you, too.


“In health, the law is on your side.”

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