Dr Robert Brennan | Pandemic Theatre of Absurdity

Published July 5, 2022 236 Views

Australian doctor Robert Brennan calls out all the absurdity in the pandemic and calls out the puppet health regulators, government shills, the World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, Gates and Wellcome, et al, and the decision we need to make:

“You have a choice. You can either go all the way to Orwell-land, or you can decide to go in the opposite direction.” ~ Dr Robert Brennan, AMPS Summit, QLD Australia.

Dr Robert Brennan, Former Australian Emergency Medical Officer, BSC BHSC(HONS1) MBBS.
Founder of Covid Medical Network https://covidmedicalnetwork.com/
AMPS Medico-Legal Summit June 23rd 2022 in QLD Australia.

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Dr Robert Brennan | Pandemic Theatre Of Absurdity (Notes/Transcript)

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