10 months ago

Stephen Petty: Absurdity of Masks

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Stephen Petty, a certified industrial hygienist, safety professional, and engineer with 45 years of experience in the field and one of the top testifying experts on personal protective equipment (PPE) and exposure control in the country, explained in detail why neither surgical masks nor N95 respirators can protect people from Covid. Moreover, the new studies cited by Mr. Petty show that masks increase one’s chances of getting infected. In children, masks are associated with delays in intellectual, social, and emotional development.

Since the massive body of evidence continues to be ignored by the nation’s top healthcare officials, it is clear that mask policies have nothing to do with public health, but aim at establishing control over the population, argued the expert.

Stephen Petty runs the Petty Podcast on Rumble. https://rumble.com/c/PettyPodcasts

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