Exiting the Matrix w/ Lani Gelera

2 years ago

Lani Gelera was a Professional Hollywood Stuntwoman for 20 years. Now Lani is putting her courageous, compassionate, and outspoken nature in service as a Lightworker and Lioness. She helps inspire, empower, and encourage others to believe in their sovereign freedom and to emancipate themselves and future generations from tyranny. Lani has been working on her fourth book in the The Brave Series 'Manifesting the New Earth'.

Fear vs Love
The Fear narrative is 3D, we are ascending into 5D
Lani’s 4th book = The Brave Manifesting the New Earth
A process of co-creation
Important to stay focused on what you want and the future you want to create, not fear and what you don’t want.
Susceptibility to mind control - not making own choices

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