Warning to Island Voters: Secrets of the Hawaii GOP

1 year ago

DUMPSTER FIRE: A major Hawaii GOP vetting failure (or willful ignorance by party leaders) led the state Republican Party to vouch for the candidacy of serial criminal BJ Penn, enabling him to become frontrunner in the 2022 Republican Gubernatorial Primary. Hawaii Republican Action believes that island voters deserve to know Penn’s actual record of domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, racism, death threats, street brawls, terroristic threatening with a machete, criminal history and behavior, homophobia, being a deadbeat dad who had to be sued by a foreign baby mama, his assault of a police officer, longtime alleged drug and alcohol abuse, and more. The self-destruction of the Hawaii Republican Party seems assured in 2022. Hawaii Deserves Better than this. BJ Penn and Lynn Finnegan have got to go!!

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