"Everything Collapses Without the Existence of a Virus"- Dr Andrew Kaufman, Sept. 7, 2021

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EXCELLENT logical explanation of the medical industry's promotion of a false paradigm of disease ("infectious viruses") and their billion-dollar vaccine scams -- by DR. ANDREW KAUFMAN Interviewed by Christopher James, Sept 7, 2021. Why the term 'isolation' when used by virologists is an entirely deceptive term.
Christopher James:
“Andrew, this is a death-blow to the entire virology theory of medicine. Is it the pharmaceutical companies who’ve rolled out this process for the so-called “isolation of a virus?” Is that who’s behind all of this?”
Andrew Kaufman:
“Objectively, if you look at where all of this comes from, it comes from the Rockefeller infiltration of medicine, which happened in the early part of the 20th Century. .. They essentially took over the medical education system in order to establish the allopathic model as the only accepted model in the United States and there were similar programs carried out in other countries and eventually to developing countries. This was a major boon to the petroleum industry at the time because pharmaceuticals were often made from petroleum.”
“Through their control [of the education of doctors], they’ve made the entire system look thru this one lens, and germ theory is the main philosophical paradigm behind modern allopathic medicine.”
Christopher James:
“It’s like a house. If you look at a house and you see that there are cracks and problems with the house, you see that the entire thing is built on a faulty foundation, then everything above it is not going to be sound, it’s not going to be true — everything is eventually going to come crashing down, and this is ultimately what we’re seeing in the world at this time. So let’s just talk about the process of isolation — that’s the foundation — was it ever actually done for these viruses or ANY VIRUS, and if it hasn’t, then we’ve got a very powerful truth that the world needs to hear right now, because that takes the head off of this snake of this Covid-19 that’s being sold to the world.”
Andrew Kaufman:
“Right, absolutely every single thing collapses without the existence of a virus.”
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