MK I Viper First Launch

Published July 4, 2022 20 Views

This is the first launch of the Mark I Viper. The Mk I Viper cleared the rail guide at 2 m/sec and it was under thrust for ~ 7 seconds. I used 50 ml of unstabilized ~ 90% HTP plus 2 ml of ethanol for the oxidizer and PLA infused with KMnO4 for the fuel. Ignition occurred in ~ 0.3 seconds. The mass flow rate was about 13.29 gm/sec resulting in a total propellant mass of ~ 93.0 gm for the 7.0 seconds of thrust.

I expected the Mk I viper to clear the rail guide at 4 m/sec. As such, I didn't have the aerodynamic control I needed to correct the trajectory. To prevent it from pitching forward, I'll shift the center of mass more in line with the thrust vector. Also, I'll increase the thrust to give me more aerodynamic control.

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