G7 Louts on Tour: Western Leaders Laugh as Chaos Spreads

1 year ago

Oblivious of the airport chaos surrounding them, leaders of NATO and the 'G7' jetted into Bavaria and Madrid last week to 'make really important decisions' about the pressing problems facing the vast majority of ordinary Westerners: rising inflation and food/energy shortages.

Nah, they actually just came for a laugh, agreed to ramp up US military forces in Europe and picked a fight with China. Meanwhile, consequences of their destructive 'lockdown' and 'planet-saving' policies continue unfurling, with their media spokespeople warning of 'rolling blackouts' in the months ahead.

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the latest in culture war polarization, the ever-shifting narrative about the Texas school shooting, the relentless waves of 'Covid population control', and the increasing likelihood of NATO/the US getting a smacking from Russia.

This sh*tshow can't go on forever, surely?

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