John O'Looney shows blockages removed from blood vessels of young man who died suddenly (SADS)

1 year ago

The man who died was triple COVID vaxxed, under 30 years old, fit, and had no comorbidities.

Embalmers have been finding enormous blockages in the vessels of the dead since the second quarter of 2021. No embalmer or funeral director has seen these kinds of blockages before. They can be so large and tough, that it can be impossible to pump embalming fluid in the vessels without first removing the blockages. Blockages of 2 feet long have been found. They are like castings of the blood vessels.

The blockages are not blood clots:
- The blockages are white, while blood clots are very dark red to black.
- The blockages are rubbery and strong, while traditional blood clots are soft.
- The blockages are found in both veins (mostly) and arteries (sometimes), while traditional blood clots are almost exclusively found in veins.

It is as of yet unknown what the blockages are made of. Fortunately, Mike Adams, Ryan Cole, and others are using their expertise and equipment to find out.

Could these blockages be made of mostly/exclusively fibrin, while regular blood clots only contain some fibrin?

Longer version of discussion about blockages in arteries (including horrific video of blockage taken from beating heart) here:


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GRAPHIC CONTENT ⚠: Embalmer Richard Hirsch removes HUGE rubbery clots from vaxxed person's corpse


Segment starts around 17m13s.

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