Pandemic Restarting?! Geert Vanden Bossche takes a unique view

1 year ago

Geert Vanden Bossche PhD is an international expert in vaccine research and development, with a proven track record in designing and developing vaccines. His stance on the risks of mass vaccination in a pandemic has been consistent since March 2021.

He is proficient in vaccine patent writing, laboratory research, immunology, epidemiology, microbiology and preclinical vaccine development.

Geert continues to research thoroughly and has been able to predict where the pandemic has gone so far.

- How are the ongoing/ upcoming pandemics related?
- What type of disease are they expected to cause in a highly vaccinated population?
- How is the incidence rate of severe disease (and hence, the hospitalization rate) expected to evolve in the vaccinated as compared to the unvaccinated part of the population, depending on the strength and maturity of their innate immune system?

Agree or disagree, it is wise to reflect on his thoughts.

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