Liberal Hypocrisy: Neil Oliver Breaks Down the Core of What's Wrong With Modern-Day Progressivism

1 year ago

First, Neil addressed what no leftist considers racist behavior, expecting all black people to think and act the way that they would like.

"When President Joe Biden felt he had to respond to news of black people thinking about voting for Donald Trump at the last election, he said of them, 'You ain't black' ... If thinking that all members of a racial group can be counted on to think and act as one isn't racist to the core, then I don't know what is to be described as racist."

Next, he went after the hypocrisy of the 'My body, my choice' pro-abortion movement. Where were they to speak out against the coercion and extreme disciplinary measures taken to get people jabbed?

"Many of those same racists who pilloried a black man for thinking and acting as he saw fit were also among those demanding bodily autonomy for women in the context of abortion. Where were they when women and men were losing their jobs for refusing the COVID-19 injections? Where were they when world leaders like Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinda Arden, and many others went out of their way to make life unbearable, unlivable for those millions who already understood bodily autonomy and had the courage to make it real by standing up straight and saying 'no' to unwanted medical procedure and 'damn the consequences.' Where were those bodily autonomy-demanding progressives then?"

Watch the entirety of his excellent monologue below.

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