Toni Crengle is in the burns ward due to her traumatising jab-injuries

1 year ago

Toni was forced to take the covid jab in order to save her job. The next day, she lost her taste buds and then developed itchy and painful rashes & blisters on the arm with which she was injected. This continued to spread over her entire body as well as developing internally and causing immense pain. She had no skin conditions before being forced to take the Pfizer Jab.

She is now been put in the burns ward in hospital. She has to be washed and wrapped every day and has been struck with multiple medical diagnoses including autoimmune disease, blood illness and diabetes (from taking the medication for her injuries). She is no longer able to do the work of being a primary school teacher for which she had put in so much time & energy to get her degree over the last few years.

There has been zero acknowledgement from the govt of this being a Pfizer Jab-induced injury.

At 11:10 is Toni's sobering Message to Jacinda.
At 23:20 Toni's friend Lucretia joins the interview to give her input on Toni's condition.

If you are able to donate in order to help Toni with medical costs and ongoing living costs, please do so to:
Kiwibank: 38-9000-0498495-02

To support or contact Toni's daughter's hair business, please go to Melanin Hair NZ on Facebook:

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