What is Biden’s “Liberal World Order”?

Published July 1, 2022 1,763 Views

Just as most of us are wrapping up the week and preparing to celebrate America on the Fourth of July, President Biden’s team has an alarming vision of the Left’s future: a “liberal world order.”

Yesterday, Brian Deese – economic and political advisor for the Biden Administration – was asked in a CNN interview what he would say to American families struggling because of gas prices. His response left many people stunned. Deese told CNN anchor Victor Blackwell: "This is about the future of the liberal world order and we have to stand firm."

Liberal world order? Are they serious? Of course, the first question is, what does that even mean? One thing is for sure, based on the agenda, and the disturbing legislation we’ve seen the radical Left pushing in recent years, it certainly doesn’t sound like a world where school choice, pro-life pregnancy centers, protected speech for all people, and secure borders are valued. Neither are many other principles that most ACLJ members hold as sacred.

It’s important to note that this was the answer Deese gave in response to a question about how the Biden Administration would answer working families struggling to pay these sky-high gas prices who ask how long this pain at the pump will last. His less-than-empathetic answer: “As long as it takes.”

Not “we understand and we’re really working on it.” The response from Team Biden is essentially: “Too bad. So sad. Not our fault.”

It’s mind-boggling. The Administration that claims to be progressive, to be compassionate and forward-thinking is finally behaving like the elitists they actually have been all along. Hopefully, more Americans will finally see it now.

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