Housing in Space

Published July 1, 2022 21 Views

Create the superhero base you've always wanted! SoH has a short video showcasing their blank slate process, where a player can design the layout of their player housing to be exactly what they want, as an alternative to the many premade layouts already available. This means that you can not only decorate, set the lighting, and add the props wherever you want, but you can control the room shapes and connections as well.

The SoH team is a small group of indie developers working to create a completely new MMORPG with both superheroes and space travel as themes, and with intense customization of character looks, superpowers, and other game elements. The story and the missions are set in a unique universe unlike any other, where danger and excitement lurk around every corner.
Ship of Heroes is an MMORPG currently under development in the Unreal 4.27.3 engine, and it is expected to launch some time in 2023.
Learn more at www.shipofheroes.com/player-housing-is-radically-improved/

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