Casey Hodgkinson - Her Story Update

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1 year ago

Casey Hodgkinson's story of injury and suffering went viral around the world.

Yet NZ's mainstream media abused her as a liar, leading to unforgivable online harassment.

10 months after her first dose, she is still cruelly ignored by Jacinda Ardern's government who have given Casey zero help or compensation.

Through her pain, Casey continues to speak up for the thousands of jab-injured Kiwis.

This is Casey's update, her heart, and her final interview for a while.

*Since we recorded and edited this piece we have heard Casey has been re-admitted to hospital as of Friday 1st July 2022. We ask you all to send her your prayers and your support.

If you would like to donate to support Casey with her ongoing medical & living costs, please do so here:
Miss C M Hodgkinson
ASB: 12-3661-0002779-51

You can watch the first interview with Casey, filmed back in November of 2021, here:

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