Beekeeper says varroa mite is easily treatable (so why are they killing the bees in Australia?)

Published June 30, 2022 394 Views

Beekeepers Deb & Rich from Pennsylvania gives three different treatment options for varroa mite, and demonstrates the one they use (mineral oil fogging for 10 seconds)!!!

So why are they killing the bees in Australia?

The ABC article (& their embedded video) says the government has "ordered all hives near the Port of Newcastle to be destroyed," that the keepers cannot go near their hives, and that thousands of hives can no longer be transported to be used to pollinate and that Australia is still suffering from lack of bees due to the devastating bushfires in 2019/2020 --

"all hives or bee products are in a state of lockdown."
"Government contact tracers found a commercial beekeeper near the port had recently sent some of his hives to Trangie, 450 kilometres away. ---- meanwhile "While that batch did not contain the parasite, they will be destroyed as a precaution."

"Destroyed as a PRECAUTION now?" **** (!) (!?!?!)

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