How One State Avoided Lockdowns & Is Saving Girls' Sports | Kristi Noem | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Published July 3, 2022 17,344 Views
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Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to South Dakota governor Kristi Noem about the real details of how her state avoided a COVID lockdown, how the Biden administration is threatening states that refuse to allow transgender athletes to compete in girls sports, and America’s food security issues. First, Kristi reveals what really happened in the secret meetings involving Republican governors that were determined to fight strict lockdowns and other COVID restrictions in their states. She explains why South Dakota was the only red state to never have a single mandated COVID-19 lockdown and the attacks she received from the CDC, NIH, Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Maddow for her defiance. Next, Kristi explains why South Dakota has been fighting to save women's sports for many years before the transgender athletes debate became a national story. She explains how the Biden administration is changing Title IX and now threatening to withhold funding for low income school lunch programs to punish states that don’t allow transgender girls to compete in womens sports. Finally, Kristi explains how dire America’s food security situation is and how inflation and skyrocketing food prices are hurting most people. She explains that if Biden was serious about lowering the cost of food he would repeal many unnecessary farm regulations that make it difficult for small farms to compete with large producers. Kristi also discusses how the attacks on various statues and monuments has affected the security at Mount Rushmore as well as the Roe v Wade trigger laws that will go into effect if Roe v Wade is overturned.

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