What a Collapse of the Dollar Means for Your Savings, Stocks, & Future (Andy Schectman Interview)

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LIVE AT 2PM ET: Every day, inflation is eating away at the value of our hard earned money as the prices of basic goods, like food and gas, skyrocket. Countries around the world are fleeing the US dollar, with BRICS nations announcing plans to create a new global reserve currency. Pair this with massive government spending under Biden, and the US is about to face an economic crisis that’s unparalleled in the history of our nation. Now, if you’re thinking, “We got through WWII, and the 70s gas shortages, and dot com crash etc. Just hold tight, and we’ll get through this too,” well, think again. My guest today, financial expert Andy Schectman, is sounding the alarm that the collapse of the dollar is imminent and the results will be catastrophic. He’s joining us to explain exactly what this will look like, and how we can take action to protect ourselves right now.

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