Most Naturally Beautiful Places in USA - Travel Video

Published April 10, 2022 2,371 Views

Most landscapes in the United States are vast, diverse, and naturally beautiful. Deserts, forests, canyons, active volcanoes, pale dunes, and massive trees are some of the stunning sights. Something for every taste!

Today we will present you a list of the 12 most beautiful natural beauties. Some better known, other much less recognized places that will blow your mind!


00:00 Why visiting USA
00:38 Yellowstone, Wyoming
01:18 Grand Canyon, Arizona
02:16 Yosemite, California
03:12 Sierra Nevada, California
04:13 Everglades, Florida
04:54 Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii
05:55 Niagara Falls
06:54 The Rocky Mountains
07:51 Sequoia National Park, California
08:34 Hamilton Pool, Texas
09:26 Denali National Park, Alaska
10:36 Lake Tahoe, Nevada
11:15 Reason for visiting USA

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