"We Are the Experiment!" - FDA Approves Omicron-Specific Shots With ZERO Clinical Data

2 years ago

Dr. Toby Rogers: "The manufacturers were asked what their production timelines [were], and they said out loud, 'So long as we don't have to provide any clinical data, we'll have them ready by August and September.' "

"So the FDA is going to introduce the shots into the population with no safety data whatsoever, and then try to catch injuries after the fact in the population using the safety system no one's ever heard of [Sentinel Initiative] while ignoring the system [VAERS] that is showing a massive signal in the data right now. So we are the experiment!"

Full Video: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2022/06/fdas-vrbpac-abandons-all-science-toby-rogers-ph-d-video-interview/ref/8/

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