BKP talks about the surprise Jan 6 hearing, Cassidy Hutchinson, and what if Trump won

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1 year ago

Every day there are new challenges to make sure to not do "If Trump were president...", except when it is so powerful it can’t go without saying.

Former aide to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Cassidy Hutchinson, 24, working at the White House was the bombshell witness at the surprise January 6 committee hearing Tuesday 6/28. We are to believe that Pat Cipollone, an attorney, a White House Chief Legal Counsel, stopped to tell Cassidy what was happening. It is difficult to believe that an Chief Attorney would be stopping by and aide's office to chat, or directing her to not let the president go to the Capitol.

The committee members know a 24 year old aid that is being told to make copies would not have the insight that she lead the media to believe yesterday. Yet, she was allowed to share her hearsay testimony and the media continues by portraying that she was by the president's side, and she was the confidant of Pat Cipollone. The first amendment was never created to allow the media to be complicit in a crime. Cassidy’s testimony was under oath so it is "believable", when it has been denied by many who were closer to the President than her. All the information she shared was hearsay, we can't believe all that she says. Where are all the witnesses that will corroborate her stories?

There are reasons why the day before yesterday they had to come out with the bombshell surprise witness. The Jan6 committee was scheduled to continue in July. They have to take the narrative away from something, maybe Trump wins on his endorsements, Biden spending all the taxpayer money at G7, or Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the list can go on.

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