The Truth of the Attack by the Russian Air Force on Kiev and Kremenchuk

1 year ago

On June 26, the Russian Air Force fired four high-precision missiles at the #Artyom Missile Company's workshop in the #Shevchenko district of Kiev. The company produces weapons for the MRLS.

According to data recorded at the site, all four missiles reached their targets and the facility was obliterated. Due to the high precision of the weapons, civilian infrastructure was not affected.

However, two S-300 missiles used by the Ukrainian military were intercepted by Ukraine's own Buk-M1 system due to the lack of interoperability between the launch pad and the electronic equipment deployed in the residential area. One of the intercepted missiles may have landed on a residential building.

The fact that the Russian military attacked the Kredmash vehicle plant in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk on June 27 was confirmed by Nikolay Danileyko, chairman of the plant's supervisory board. The plant is located right next to a shopping mall that was later set ablaze.

As evidence of the fact that the Russian military attacked the #Kredmash vehicle factory in the Ukrainian city of #Kremenchuk on June 27, local media published a video showing the depression where the missile hit and the factory.

This is the surveillance camera footage of the plant at the moment when the Russian missile hit the Kredmash Vehicle Plant in the Ukrainian city of Kremenchuk.

Location and direction of the Kredmash Vehicle Factory surveillance camera. The hit was made on the factory tracks, not on the shopping center below.

This can be seen from the satellite photo.

The surveillance image is not of the shopping center, but of the park to the north of the Kredmash Vehicle Factory. It captures the missile attack on the factory and the subsequent bombing of the weapons depot.

The shopping center in question is below, the Kredmash vehicle factory is in the middle, and the park is to the north.

The missile in question hit the Kredmash Vehicle Factory.

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