"What Are We Doing?!" - Del Bigtree Gives an Impassioned Plea to All Parents to Stop

2 years ago

"The statement that 18 million kids have been waiting for almost two years for this vaccine —WAITING! Playing in parks, swimming in pools, perfectly freakin' healthy. Okay? Obviously, not having this vaccine has not been a problem for them whatsoever."

"Any parent out there. I'm sorry. At this point, you should know better. You are seeing the injuries. The stories are everywhere. Have you lost your freakin' minds?! Your child [was] perfectly healthy before you did this to them."

Full Episode: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2022/06/the-highwire-episode-273-sacrificing-science-featuring-dr-clare-craig-video/ref/8/

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