8 months ago

Luciferace plasma ball 4x speed nano chips

This is a way to see the chips in or under skin I speeded it up 4x it sounds funny it is the only funny thing out this evil deases from RNA tech this is because amune supesent drugs any end in vir don't take because have luciferace in that grows under skin the swabs the same has hydrogel I show that in one my vedeo a worm like thing in skin flack alive and also the self ensemble nano tech is pure evil using parasites for light to connect up to each other and even magmatic nano beads that locks on to DNA one called a ratller I have inflammation all over my spleen and gastro intestinal I had ruptured goal bladder about 2 months ago for 5 years goal problem and waited 14 about weeks for sergery I have pods fly out and in skin face lower legs the worst go though stages life cycle proves it alive soon I upset it it all goes mad start flying out body this is what I believe they call leaky vaccine viral shedding is fungi and parisites sand fly parasites I believe are in the nano tech bio a luminescent the chips use light to cumunicate to each other and they use NMR nuclear magnetic resounece protons spin like the earth of axias and depend on what chemicals bond there is the spin access of protons change so chqnging a time domain to a frequency domain and an antenna a pulse of magnetic energy hits your body the the protons line up in line with external paluse then they measure how long it takes to go back to relaxed spin it shows what a alamemt is connected to and what that connected too like hhoc hho will have spike on frequency with one or more next to the main spike showing what is next to it and if you add a positive or negative paulse or magnetic field you can turn a hydrogen say from positive to negative charge spin and there for protein fold as protein are positive to negative etc connected and if a bond ie element was to get positive positive or get negative negative it would split apart therefore chenging a protein or chemical bond Google is the invemter of protein folding 2004bi belive AI did it this why chips are in the millions in your body all over some of the creapy crawly sensation that defiy the lors of physics moving though a fluid as it there is none like though skin with no resistance is magnetic fields from millions of chips also not just me but people like me who class ourselves as targeted individuals or target justice have same things in common someone at night touching your body like vewdo majic it not amagineatiom or mental illness it's magnetic energy from chips probably beam forming to a part of body self ensemble tech is evil MIT is a place that has vedeo showing what is in us and been sprayed on us geo engineering I believe the kull of billions with the jab is 1 data all and collecting it brain computer interface eeg ecg bio sensor RT QPCR swabs all of it hydrogel they grow chips I side you my pics show chips many different types and cubes also that a clear plastic I found it online the same cube it to peniteate tissue it all for emotion thought felling creativity behaviour health AI ML for tech gov military dod all 3 letter agency to add thoughts delete thoughts total mind control that you will never know is happening to you it not voices in head telling you when you create think that before you aware of it as if you though it done it but there is one way to know I knew autism I don't like change so noticed AI online and wear I was going seeing was manipulated and also carictor like a word come into my thoughts I dont use personalty also change so you no it not a word you use and not the personality I use you can then separate the both as me or syops AI used to change behaviour this is slavery I will rather suffer the satanic evil with maggots worms Crawling in out of me and die free with morals intact in humour of my self no guilt than submits to the satanic evil sht they pedaling and will never go silent

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