33. The Bioweapon Part I

1 year ago

The enemy has developed a bioweapon and has now injected it into all of the military. The military members that did not get the the bioweapon are told they are dirtbags and kicked out the the military. This would be a great action movie plot but instead its a terrible tragedy happing before your eyes. Please watch as Dr. Sigoloff shows you the bioweapon and who designed it.

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33. The Bioweapon Part I

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: [00:00:00] Please check out this episode on Rumble.

Nurse Kelly: Welcome to After Hours with Dr. Sigoloff, where he can share ideas and thoughts with you. He gets to the heart of the issue so that you can find the truth. The views and opinions expressed are his and do not represent the US Army, d o d, nor the US government. Dr. Sigoloff was either off duty or on approved leave and Dr.

Nurse Kelly: Sigoloff was not in uniform at the time of recording. Now to Dr. Sigoloff

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: thank you so much for listening to all the different shows that you've listened to. I really truly appreciate it. I hope that what I give you back is more than the time that I'm taking, and I hope that I'm also able to, to give you something to share with your friends so that they can learn more about what's really going on in this world.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Please take the time to go ahead and. Share and subscribe for free to either the podcast channel or to rumble, [00:01:00] and that way you can be notified when, when new episodes come out. I recently found out that the DOD allegedly has comity on hand, and they're starting with the Coast Guard to give it to them first.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Now, what does that mean? That means that go back and listen to the awful order is coming as you'll have to decide whether you're going to take that or not. I can't tell you to take that. I can't tell you not to because that is seemingly a lawful order. However, there may be some, some issues that may be slightly not a hundred percent accurate with all that, but that requires further investigation before I can say that it's, it's still not available for the, the proper currency is still not available.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: All right. This is the beginning series. This is the first part of a three part, possibly. Four part series on bio warfare and, and Dr. Segla. That's crazy. That's crazy to think that, [00:02:00] that this is a bio weapon. What proof do you have and, and I'm going to lay it out very simply. And if you're listening on the podcast channel, I encourage you to go back and watch so that you can see these documents that I'm gonna have brought up next to me in, in one of the little squares next to me here so that you can see these documents.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: So it's, it's just not me talking, but you can actual actually see the open source documents where all this information is coming from. So first,

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: (video play)

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: in fact, the vi the vaccine or the shot used in China is very different than the one used in the US by the way. Hmm. And I, we met a lady from China who said, oh, I, I can't take the vaccination or the shot here in the US or they won't let me back in China that Oh yeah, it's pretty serious cuz she said to us, no, I can't take that.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: If I do, they will not let me back in China. They'll say, go back to the us you can't come back here. And so it's very interesting. So they know, so. That maybe we don't. On our,

(end video)

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: we're gonna talk about the Federal Register Volume [00:03:00] 85, number 60. This is published Friday, March 27th, 2020. March 27th, 2020. And this is Department Health and Human Services center for Disease Control.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And basically what this document says is for the FDA to, to grant what they call an emergency, right? Cuz they have to say that there is now an emergency. We declare there is an emergency, and then after an emergency is declared, then they're able to issue emergency use authorization for certain products.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And it says here that the background in the background part one, supplementary information that. Under Act 21 USC 360 Bravo Bravo Bravo dash three, the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration acting under Under delegated authority from the Secretary of H H S Health and Human Services [00:04:00] may issue emergency use authorization or E U a authorizing.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And then it lays out four different conditions and we will repeat and revisit these four different conditions. And really, there's only three of them. So number one, these are the definitions that must be met to be able to make the declaration of an emergency use before any UA may be issued. The Secretary of HHS Health and Human Services must declare that circumstances.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Exist justifying the authorization based on one of four determinations. Now, they don't tell you which one they have to use. They just, they must have at least one of these four. And really it's only three, and you'll see in the next few documents. Number one, a determination made by the Secretary of Homeland Security that a domestic emergency or significant potential [00:05:00] for domestic emergency involving heightened attack with a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear agent or agents.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And then we, at least in the Army, we shorten that, that big long phrase, chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear to Seaburn, C B R N, Seaburn agent or agents. So number one, some sort of. Chemical biologic radiologic or nuclear warfare agent used on US soil. Number two, the identification of material threat by the Secretary of Homeland Security pursuant to Section three 19 F dash two of the Public Health Service P H S Act sufficient to affect national security or the health and [00:06:00] security of the United States citizens living abroad.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Okay, so this is something to do with the health of those abroad. Number three, a determination by the Secretary of Defense that there is a military, the Secretary of Defense, right? This is, that's different than Health and Human Services, secretary of Defense, that there is a military emergency or significant potential for.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Or significant potential for military emergency involving heightened risk United States military forces, including personnel operating under the authority of Title 10 or Title 15 of an attack with bi biological, chemical, radiological, or nuclear agent or agents or an agent or agents may, that may cause or are otherwise associated with [00:07:00] imminently life-threatening and specific risk to the United States forces.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Or number four, a determination by the secretary and it doesn't state what secretary, that there is a public health emergency or a significant potential for public health emergencies emergency that affects or has significant potential to affect national security or health. And security of United States citizens living abroad.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And that involves a seaburn agent or agents or disease or a condition that may be attributed to such agent or agents.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: So let me break that down for you. Cause that's a lot of words. It's, it's easy to get lost in it, basically for there to be a declared emergency. Right? And we have to have this emergency declared by these various groups. I thought it was just the fda, but maybe it, it looks now like the D O D can actually, department of Defense [00:08:00] can actually make this declaration that if there is an emergency and this emergency is caused by, basically there's three different situations for this emergency.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: One danger to US citizens on US soil caused by number two, danger to US citizens. In foreign lands caused by or number three, and he is earning the same order danger to, to the military, caused by all, caused by some sort of seaburn agent, chemical radiologic, biologic, or nuclear agent. Do you see what this tells us?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: If we go by their own documents, it would seem that by the very definition of declaring an emergency, right, cuz it can only be caused by a sea burning agent on US citizens. [00:09:00] On US soil, foreign soil, or against the military that we were potentially at war and a declared war back on March 27, 20. This is part two, determination by the Secretary of Health and Human Services on February 4th, 2020.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Pursuant to I determined that there is a public health emergency that has a significant potential to national security or the health and security of United States citizens living abroad, that involves a novel new coronavirus, but be assured that coronaviruses are not new and had it not been messed with and had gained a function done to it, this, wait a second, gain a function.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: If you had gained a function of a virus, would that be [00:10:00] a seaburn agent? Would that be a biological agent or agents? Hm. And then they tell you where was first detected in the city of Wuhan. And I'm sorry, I don't speak Chinese well to know if that's pronounced properly or not. Province in China, 2019, the virus is now named SARS co.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Okay. It doesn't matter, so. So right there, March 27th, 2020, health and Human Services declared that this was an emergency.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And if it's an emergency, to be able to get that definition of emergency, we basically have to have a biologic, a chemical radiologic, or nuclear threat against the [00:11:00] United States. And when I say the United States, I'm gonna say against Americans, and that encompasses, when I say Americans, that encompasses.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Civilians Lo, you know, in America, civilians abroad, and military, because we're all Americans. American, not American. Remember that? People. All right. Let's go to our next document. This is, it's called a Doty, a Department of Defense Instruction, or, or Doty, D O D I. Number 62 0 0 0.02. The subject title here, application of Food and Drug Administration Rules to Department of Defense Health Protection Programs.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Hmm, defense Program. Okay, let's scroll down here. And this is one of the enclosures, and we're gonna see a repeat of what we just saw. And it's important that we see the repeat, because if we see it in one place, that may not be good enough. [00:12:00] We see it in two places. Well, now we're starting to get somewhere the same thing from different angles, which means it's most likely true.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: So now we go all the way down to enclosure. This is enclosure number three of this D O D I. And it calls requirements and procedures applicable to EUAs. First paragraph, declaration of emergency. Before a medical product may be used under an e U A as part of a force health protection program, the Secretary of Health and Human Services must declare an emergency, says one domestic emergency.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: You can read all that, but basically, and I have a highlighted here with specified, so involving a heightened risk of attack with specified biologic, chemical, chemical, biological, or nuclear agent or agents. Number two, military emergency. A heightened [00:13:00] wrist, United States military forces of attack with a specified biologic chemical.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Radiologic or nuclear agent or agents, sea burning agents. Public health emergency

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: involves a specified biologic, chemical, radiological, or nuclear agent, or agents or specified disease or condition that may be attributable to agent or agents. Now, this one you could say, well, Dr. Siglo, they're talking about natural cause of diseases. Yes, but may be attributable to such agent or agents, which means if you think it could be a biological weapon, then you can make this declaration because biological weapons get this declaration request for determination.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: So if the secretary determines that there is a need to request an E-way, Force Help [00:14:00] Protection program and that circumstances support a determination under paths E one or E three 1.1, E three 1.2, E three 1.3. The secretary may determine by the Secretary of Homeland Security under paragraph E 3.1 0.1, the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: So what this is telling me is depending on what paragraph we have here, we have different people naming these emergencies. And the problem with that is if it's a military emergency or a perceived military emergency, significant potential, right? That's the nomenclature that they use here is there is a significant potential for military emergency.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Then the Secretary of Defense can also call the emergency. And so this document also is very interesting. So this is [00:15:00] the Federal Registrar monitorization of influenza vaccines in the United States to promote national security and public health. And I'm gonna skip down to the important parts. To the good parts because we need to know who's making these these decisions.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And it says in section three, national Influenza Vaccine Task Force A. This is hereby established a national influenza vaccine task force, also known as the task force. Throughout the rest of this document, the task force shall identify actions to achieve the objections, identify in section two that monitor and report the implementation of results of those actions.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: The task force shall be co-chaired, so whoever is co, whoever's chairing makes the decisions. Whoever's co-chairing must make joint decisions, the task force is co-chaired by the Secretary of Defense. And the Secretary of Health and Human Sources and the Health [00:16:00] and the Secretary of Health and Human Services or their designee.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: So it must be the D o D, it must be the Secretary of Defense, the SEC F, but it, and it must be someone, it must be the secretary of, so it must be the Secretary Defense or SEC Def, and it must be the Secretary of Health and Human Services, or who they designate. Then it goes on here to say, in addition to the co-chairs, the task force shall consist of senior officials from the following, executive branch department's, agencies.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Ooh, executive branch. Remember that term? Executive branch, because I believe that will become important, and this may ex explain much of what we're gonna be talking about today. So remember, Senior officials from the following, executive branch agencies must be on this. So you have someone from Department of Defense, department of Justice, department of Agriculture, department of Veterans Affairs, department of Homeland Security, the United [00:17:00] States Food and Drug Administration, centers for Disease Control, and C D C, national Institute of Health, nih, the Center for Medical, Medicare, Medicaid.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Okay. We don't, oh, this is a this is an interesting last one here is the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. Barda. I had never heard of BARDA before. I need to do some research before I can talk about that, but that sounds almost as if it is some sort of DARPA type program, but for biomedical research.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Okay, so let's move on a little bit. We're gonna take a different turn. We're gonna come back to all that stuff we were talking about. So let's look at these documents. So this is BioNTech. So BioNTech is a company. Its own complete entity. It is a German company. It has, it is not the same as Pfizer. Pfizer and BioNTech had a collaboration, and we'll go into that in just a minute.[00:18:00]

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: What I do wanna talk about first is the collaboration between BioNTech and Sun Pharmaceutical Company, our FO Sun Pharma, to form a Covid 19 Vaccine Strategic Alliance in China. March 16th, 2020 is when the Chinese Communist owned fa, sun Pharmaceutical and BioNTech made an agreement that they would develop jointly a Covid vaccine.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Under the terms of this agreement, the two companies will work jointly on the development of B N T 1 62 in China. These companies will collaborate to conduct clinical trials in China, leveraging fosun pharmaceuticals, clinical development, regulatory and commercial capabilities in the country. If approved, phos Sun Pharmaceutical will commercialize the vaccine in China.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: BioNTech will supply mRNA [00:19:00] vaccine. And remember, often when they say mRNA, they typically mean mod modified RNA vaccine. For the clinical trials from GMP manufacturing facilities in Europe with its partner Pyla BioNTech will retain full rights to develop and commercialize the vaccine to the rest of the world.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Now, let's think of that for a business perspective for a second. If you're going to make something and only sell within your country, You are not going to make any money on it. It's just, it's that simple. You're not gonna make money, but what you are gonna do is you are going to be able to protect the safety of your individuals in your country by knowing exactly what's in it.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Under the terms of agreement fo Sun Pharma has agreed to make an equality investment of US dollars 50 million or 44 million Euros for one thousand five hundred eighty thousand seven hundred seventy seven ordinary shares in BioNTech, subject [00:20:00] to exclusion of share subscription documentation and approval of the regulatory authorities in China.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: The regulators in China will say, we approve. It makes one wonder how much that would change the voting rights for a company such as Pharma, fo Sun. Would that give them pretty much the ability to change anything they'd like in the company? because the way that these companies work, if you own a share, then you have a voting right?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: If you own most shares, then you can make it vote. You can vote however you would like. Now let's look at November 25th, 2020. This is BioNTech and fo. Sun Pharma announced the start of a phase two clinical trial. So just off the title here, BioNTech and FO Sun announce the start of phase two clinical trial of the lead mRNA COVID 19 vaccine B N two B N T 1 62 BK two in China.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: The phase two clinical trial of [00:21:00] B N T 1 62 BK two in China will be conducted by Zu Province Center Center of Disease Control and Prevention. The trial site is located in Tazo, China Medical City Vaccine Engineering Center, and Lin Hu. County. C D. C, JSU Salespeople Hospital. The online recruitment of volunteers will commence with the recruitment of 960 healthy participants between ages 18 to 85 and assess the safety and immunogenic of the vaccine candidate and to support the future biologic license application in China.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: It's interesting, we see the same nomenclature here. We see from the very beginning our common goal has been to quickly design and develop a safe and [00:22:00] effective vaccine for global supply, which makes me think even more so that it's propaganda because here we have someone from BTech saying Safe and effective when they should know that that's not how that word is used.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: The COVID 19 pandemic proves once again, the global cooperation is deeded for control of infectious disease. As an important part of global research and development. The phase two clinical study with B N T 1 62 BK in China will not only provide key data for the launch of the vaccine in China, but also play a positive role in widespread promotion and use of the vaccine throughout Asia and around the world.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Then here they reference the agreement that they made previously on March 13th, 2020, Osun Pharmaceutical became a strategic partner with biotech in China, jointly developing a commercializing vaccine production for the COVID [00:23:00] 19, based on its proprietary EM RNA technology platform in mainland China, Hong Kong Maku special administration region, and the Taiwan region.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Since collaboration, the two sides vo, sun Pharma has been. Involved in research development of mRNA vaccines. In addition, comprehensively and deeply discussing the research development plans with partners completing clinical trials in China.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Just to make sure that we're all on the same page about Fosun Pharma. Founded in 1994 Shanghai fo Sun Pharmaceutical Group Company Limited fo. Sun Pharma is a leading healthcare group in China, fo Sun Pharma has built a strong root in China and developed a [00:24:00] global operation strategy with pharmaceutical manufacturing and research and development with pharmaceutical manufacturing and r and d being the largest core business segment.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Together with strong presence in medical devices and diagnostics, healthcare services. , pharmaceutical distribution and retail. Now let's talk about Pfizer and BioNTech. So often those names are used interchangeably. We say Pfizer, BioNTech as if they're one company. They are not. Pfizer is a US company.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: BioNTech is a German company. Fosun Pharma is a Chinese company. We already learned that on March 16th, 2020, the Chinese company or the Chinese government, cuz to do business in China, you almost must be part of the government. They're, those terms are going to be synonymous. The Communist Chinese [00:25:00] government slash fo, sun Pharma.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: The reason those are so important is because what the government of China has declared itself, the enemy of the US people, and they're trying to destroy America.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: BioNTech made an agreement with Fosun Pharma on 16 March, 2020 where they purchased more than 1.5 million shares of BioNTech. Now we get this announcement on July 22nd, 2020, so in approximately three months after China purchases 1.5 more than 1.5 million shares of BioNTech. We get this announcement that Pfizer is now partnering with BioNTech [00:26:00] and the headline of this US government places an initial order of 100 million doses for 1.5 billion and can acquire after 500 million additional dose.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Americans to receive the vaccine for free, consistent with US. Government commitment to free access for covid 19 vaccines, Pfizer and BioNTech. There's a reason. There's an and in there because they're separate companies and when you see BioNTech now anytime after 16 March, 2020, you can assume that there is a significant influence from China.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Pfizer and biotech remain on track to begin an anticipated phase two B. In phase three, safety and efficacy trials later this month seek regulatory review as early as October, 2020, and manufacturer globally up to a hundred million doses by the end of [00:27:00] 2020 and potentially more than 1.3 billion by the end of 2021.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Did you notice the word they used here was not effective? They used the word. Efficacious or efficacy.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And what's interesting about this is it says the US government will pay the companies 1.9 billion upon the receipt of the first hundred million doses. We look here, it says New York, Maines, Germany, Pfizer Incorporated, and BioNTech, which is Pfizer, Inc. And BioNTech, which China owns, owns 1.5 million shares today announced the execution of an agreement with the US Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Defense to meet the US government's operation warp [00:28:00] speed program to begin delivering 300 million doses of vaccine.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Under the agreement the US government will receive 100 million doses of B N T 1 62. The Covid 19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech and Pfizer successfully manufactures and obtains approval of emergency use authorization. The B N T 1 62 program is based on B'S proprietary mRNA technology, and supported by Pfizer's global vaccine development and manufacturing capabilities.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: The b and T 1 62 vaccine candidates are undergoing clinical trials and are not currently approved to distribute anywhere in the world. Biotech is the marketing authorization holder worldwide and will hold all trademarks for potential product. Both collaborators are. [00:29:00] To developing these novel vaccines with preclinical and clinical data for the forefront of their decision making.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: This is interesting here on July 1st, Pfizer and biotech announced the polymer data of of B and T 1 62 the most advanced of our four mRNA formulations. The early data demonstrates that BN T 1 62 B one is able to produce neutralizing antibodies in humans at or above the levels observed in plasma from patients who have recovered from covid 19.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And this is shown at relatively low levels, low dose levels, local reactions, and systemic events were dose dependent. Hmm. But then why, if that was B one? [00:30:00] Why are we given out B2 recently? Two of the companies, four Investigational vaccines. B and T. I'm just gonna read the last two letters cause that's the most relevant.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Part B one and B2 receive fast track designation by the fda. So basically we have a US company partnering with a company that's already partnered with a Chinese Communist Party group and there will be providing these shots for American soldiers and the American people. So I wanna talk about, this was right after I had done episode nine.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: If you listened to that, if you didn't, please go back and listen to it. I did a lot of what I called speculation. This was just scientific guessing that I thought was relevant to what we were seeing. I speculated so much to say, what if someone hit CRISPR inside of the R? This quote, mRNA Messenger rna, when really it's modified rna.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: So what is crisp? CRISPR stands for clustered regularly. Interspace short omere What? What [00:31:00] does that mean? It is gene editing technology. If you know how when you have control C and you wanna copy and then you wanna paste Control V, that's what this does. It does it to your genes. It does it to your genome, and for it to work, you have to have certain other RNA available to tell it where to go.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Cuz it's just not gonna go. You have to program it and the way you program it is you give it what they call G R N A. It's a little G R N a. So if we ever see G R N A coming up in the future, then we'll be like, oh man. Maybe there's something to this. Crispr. A little background on this is like if we were to find anything that encodes for CRISPR cast nine or just CRISPR for short.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: In this vaccine technology, then something is terribly, terribly wrong and there is criminal [00:32:00] behavior afoot,

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: right? Because no one ever consented to have their genome changed. And just to make sure that, that all of this is on the up and up, right? Because we wanna make sure that we're doing, I looked at all this, to me it looks very legitimate. But our methods first, the full sequence and published M mRNA code of the Pfizer b and t 1 62 B two, also known as a product named co, was based by base compared to the sars Cov two, Wuhan, h U one, spike protein r n a.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Then they went online and they looked an online palindrome sequence finder from the DNA sequence company, and then they did a, another one. And so, so basically what they did was they, they took what was in Pfizer, what is supposed to be at Pfizer, what's, and they looked at it. They analyzed the RNA code, this messenger RNA code that's, it's not messenger.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: I keep saying that even I'm making this [00:33:00] mistake. They took this modified RNA code that's in Pfizer and they, they looked at it and they compared it to two different databases, one database. Well, they, they compared to two different databases. And those databases were basically to, to ensure there is, we're doing this correctly, right?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Because we don't wanna make assumptions if we're not checking against ourselves. And this is like a self-check mechanism. So result number one, the K mRNA matches 24% of the SARS COV two spike protein, but 76% of the CHIME genetic code is not related to the SARS COV two spike protein. 70 per 76% of what they're putting into people is not what they said was supposed to be in there.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Hmm. And then we get into specific Pal Drms here. Pal Andros is repeating sequences between the [00:34:00] short aldrum repeats and interspace fragment, fragmented spike proteins sequences.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Hmm. Not the full length of the spike protein appears in the community mRNA as mentioned in the WHO program paper from September 20th, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, from September, not the full length of spike protein appears

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: not the full length of spike protein appears in CER mRNA as mentioned in the WHO program paper from September, 2020. But fragments of these protein sequences that have been added and new gene sequence. Well that's a little concerning. Open reading frames. So both the WHO program paper for the ERTI vaccine and the published Pfizer mRNA sequence show one large open [00:35:00] frame reading over 3000 bp.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Okay, so what, what is an open frame reading that's like, we're like a shit frame shift. That's where you can like start here and you read or you can start somewhere else and you can read and you can start somewhere else and you can read cuz there's certain signals that tell us when to stop in rna. And there's certain signals, there's little stop signs and there's other signals that tell us where to start.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Green lights, this one open reading frame cannot possibly translate, be translated into a full length spike protein due to two features in em RNA first, the spike protein sequence expressed expresses just fragmented amino acids and not complete proteins.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Second, the mod RNA has stopped and start Koons. This is the stop. This is the red light, green light in the middle of the reading frame, which triggers nonsense mediated decay and degradation of the [00:36:00] mRNA nonsense. So, so it doesn't give us anything usable and it causes decay, decay, things to break down.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And we go on and we find that 13 hidden open reading frames were found within the long open reading frame, which is translated into different fully functional proteins. Well, that seems to be a huge problem. Interestingly, 275 to 410 does not contain a single fragmented sequence of the spike protein. Hmm.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Another. Another hidden open reading frame expresses into hypothetical proteins. A hypothetical protein is a computer predicted protein that does not exist in nature. Why would they put that in there? Is that an accident? It's interesting. The currency mRNA expresses [00:37:00] also two short proteins, both of which play a role in the human cell signaling pathway.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: These sequences that they ex express the P R H protein, which has a clear role in cancer suppression and this other one ex expresses p a s protein, which has a clear role in cell signaling, whether it's good or it's bad, they put something in there that changes cell signaling, which can cause cancer and they change something that affects cancer regulation.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Cancer suppressor, right? So if we stop suppressing cancer, that means we start building cancer. Yeah. So it is a cancer suppressor role, and if we alter that at all, we stop suppressing cancer, which means we start making cancer, which is interesting because we're seeing a huge uptick in cancers in a lot of people right now.[00:38:00]

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Number four here, CRISPR and GNA findings, oh, remember I talked about that earlier? 3g, it's a little G rna, including the P A M PAM sequence were found for the plus strand by Yale University's CRISPR research tool, and confirmed with the CRISPR sequence finder at the Sanger Institute. Each G R A sequence ends with the PAM sequence.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: G G G. Remember I told you if we have crispr, we have to have some sort of G RNA in there. That tells us where it goes. Right here we have a 3G rna, but the next question may be, well, where does that tell us to go? What part of our genome? All three G RNAs were searched with the blast database as B L A S T, the last database for the human [00:39:00] genome.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: The results showed that all GNA sequences correspond to human reference genome G R C H 38. So one of them goes to chromosome five, a second one goes to chromosome five, and a third one goes to chromosome 19. That's not all. In addition to the study they found, they found protein sequencing and they give the reference there to a synthetic novel GP or glycoprotein one 30 protein.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: This protein was engineered by Yalu in 1998. The publication from 1998 has been completely removed from the web, and the function of this protein remains unclear. Okay, so what is, what does all that mean? Let's do a quick recap of what this document is saying. This document is, is showing us that they took their Pfizer [00:40:00] modified RNA sh injection, and they, they looked at all of the base pairs in sequence and what they're supposed to be, and they, they compared him to different databases to see what that would build, right?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: So DNA n a makes R N A R N A builds a protein. And so they, they took this RNA and they said, well, what protein does it build? And we have now discovered that it has crisp. Technology in there. CRISPR technology needs gna. It has three different strands of gna. There is no hole or complete spike protein because remember they told us, oh, it'll make you, it'll have you make spike protein so that you'll become immune to it.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Well, if they didn't put spike protein into it, then how does that work? And then I'm gonna read the last little bit here of this paper. The individual who was [00:41:00] injected with reference human genome from 13 different volunteers and the CAS nine CRISPR Cas nine gene editing tool was not informed. Right.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Did you know that was going on in there? Because I did not, I did not know that was going on in there. I had no clue. But well, what if this one paper got it wrong? Cuz Right. Cuz that's a real possibility. So we like to compare, and this is a Pfizer mRNA Science Day study and it's dated June 30th, 2021. And we, this was acquired in the public sphere by a whistleblower, and I'm gonna just read it here.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Selective organ targeting sort a strategy for effective tissue specific EM mRNA delivery, and CRISPR ca nine. Gene editing. Whoa, wait a second. But one piece is not enough. Right? Let's go to the second page of this whistleblower brought out. And as you can see here, it says [00:42:00] Pfizer's M mRNA strategy, where to play.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And we go direct your attention to the center part here, and to explore TAs with strong risk benefit, rare diseases going beyond crispr, going beyond CRISPR editing with protein replacement. Hmm. Oncology cancer vaccines. Interesting. Okay, so next we're going to learn about the Freedom of Information Act.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And I'm sorry I'm gonna get a little technical here, but it's, it's important that you do hear this little bit of technicality. So freedom of Information Act, or foia, that's how I'm gonna call it from here on out. Cuz Freedom of Information Act is tough to say. SE foia, it's under Title 10 usc, section 5 52.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And these rules and regulations are blah, blah, okay, whatever. Who cares? Right? Let's get to the, the GC parts. FOIA applies to records created by the federal agencies and does not cover records held by Congress, the [00:43:00] courts, or state or local government agencies. Each state has its own public health access laws that should be, so basically what this is telling us, FOIA only is covered by the executive branch, not Congress, nothing else.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Okay? Now there is a thing called redaction Codes. This is important. When you see something that looks unusual, you need to ask why. And redaction codes are leading to our next point here. So, redaction. Codes, what that means. The declassified documents will usually contain redactions, which indicate portions that contain information that is not really civil to the public.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Each redaction will be associated with a redaction code that's so nice of them, which gives the reason why the information cannot be released. Remember, that gives the reason why the information cannot be released. Okay, now let's, we'll go to the next page of this document cuz it shows us two specific redaction codes that I want you to be that I want you to remember.[00:44:00]

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: And again, if you're listening, I encourage you to, to go watch this on Rumble 3.3 B or the letter Bravo four, reveal information that would impair the application. Of a, of a state-of-the-art technology within a US weapon system. So, B four reveal information that would impair the application of a state-of-the-art technology within the US weapon system.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: 3.3 B six or Bravo six reveal information including foreign government information that would cause serious harm to relationships between the United States and a foreign government or to ongoing diplomatic activities of the United States. Okay, so now let's go ahead and look at some of these Pfizer documents and their redaction.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Alright, cuz that, that's important cuz we need to look at Pfizer. Oh. All right. So this first one [00:45:00] here, this is, we're gonna start with the, it's a cover sheet. It says final report, and it says Distribu. Something, something. Lipid, nanoparticle, mRNA, blah blah, blah, blah. Some sort of Windsor rat testing facility.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Bravo four. Hmm. And there's some big block up here at the top right that was also redacted for Bravo. Four reasons. Okay, here we go. R and d, studied report. This is put out by BioNTech expression of Lucifers encoding mod RNA after Im, or intramuscular application of a GMP ready acute test, lipid nanoparticle for formulation reported by, we don't get to know the name because that name could also expose some sort of relationship the United States has.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Interesting. [00:46:00] Oh, here's a good one. Cause remember when the declaration was made, the declaration was. The declaration was declared on 27th, March, 2020, and this is a document from BioNTech, as it says on the paper, and we have to be very careful that we don't think of Pfizer when we say BioNTech and we don't think BioNTech when we say Pfizer.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Let's go by what they say here. So this is, it says on the top of the paper, BioNTech, responsible person, b6. There's a bunch of names here from BioNTech that are b6, blacked out. Author, b6, blacked out, experimenter, b6, b6, experimenter, also blacked out. Study dates, study dates, start of experiments, 14 January, 2020.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Completion of experiments, 23 January, 2020. Did any of you know that there was even a virus in January of 2020?[00:47:00]

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Which begs the question. Does this page have anything to do with Covid? Because if it does, that's a huge problem. If it doesn't, this is just testing of the state-of-the-art weapon system and we can't show the relationships of by these people's names. Testing facility, pharmaco Connects Overview and, and this is why whenever we say Pfizer, we talk about Pfizer.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Whenever we say BioNTech, we talk about BioNTech. If we say both, we say we use both terms. Pfizer BioNTech is if we look here at testing facility. Testing facility is identified as Pfizer incorporated. This next one down here, it's designated as BioNTech, and then these next few ones here, quite a few of them are all Bravo four.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Bravo four testing facilities, we can't know. And then we go back to Pfizer. So we are not allowed to know [00:48:00] where these testing facilities are down here. There's a little list of places where they did some of these testing. LA Jolla, California, Maines, Germany, sorry, I should probably pronounce wrong.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: That's Alpha Bravo, Charlie and Delta Bravo four blacked out. And then we have somewhere in Connecticut. Let's keep going. Let's look at another test facility here. For the final report of the, this document here, Bravo four blacked out. Don't know, couldn't tell you. Let's look at documents signed by Bravo four.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Sign her name, B four study director. B four study. Study director B four sponsor, representative B six, testing this site. Testing facility management B four.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Okay, this one here. This is page 11, testing facility. Study number 18, 53, 56, section [00:49:00] 5.1, study location. This study was carried out at, we don't know, blacked out before. Blacked out before according to, and the protocols, we don't even know because the protocols could be some application of US weapon system.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Interesting. Okay. Here on page 12 of 36 by BioNTech, materials and methods testing item L and P or lipid nano, particle formulated mod, RNA coating, cphs, diluted, blah, blah, blah. Acutus, lipid, nano particles, all of that is blacked out. BioNTech, lipid nanoparticle, all of that is blacked out, which would lead me to believe that these lipid nanoparticles are potentially the bio weapon themselves.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Hmm, that's interesting.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Remember, anytime we see B four, that means that it could expose or it has something to do with the application [00:50:00] of a US weapons state-of-the-art US weapons system. It's funny cuz so often they don't have any names. All right, here's So biotech page 29 of 36. Look at this date here. 11 December, 2019. Now in this one, they could just be talking about the bio weapon themselves because they blacked it out and they didn't say why.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: But they don't let us know the research associate name because that would expose a relationship the United States has. Here's another one from BioNTech, page 30 of 36, and here it.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: The notes are blacked out and the name of the researcher is blacked out and the date on this is 26th November, 2019. So if they're not talking about Covid here, which I assume they're not, if we wanna look at everything on the up and up, and they're definitely [00:51:00] talking about the lipid nano particle, which is most likely the bio weapon here.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: RNA certificate analysis of biotech. So this is actually talking about RNA certificate analysis customer. We don't know who it is. This next block here, cap, we don't know what that is. Double stranded RNA removal, blah, blah, blah. Look at the date of order 2019.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: The date of order is May 19th. It's interest. They may not be talking about covid, but they're certainly using this, something that's a part of a US weapon system, a state-of-the-art US weapon system. When we take all this into account, let's do a quick recap. So we have a national emergency on March 27th, 2020, and to be able to declare that emergency, there must be basically a bio warfare agent used against US [00:52:00] citizens on US soil, US citizens on foreign soil or military.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: That's where we're starting from, and we looked at those and we looked at that information from two different sources, from what the FDA says and from A D O D instructional. Then we go into some whistleblower information and an independent white paper that was published, and we talk about how there was likely CRISPR in the Pfizer shot.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Then we went into the FOIA documents released by Pfizer for a document to be able to be released by. FOIA Freedom Information Act. It first must be an Executive Branch document, which makes sense to me because they're working with the fda. Those documents had redactions in them. We looked at the reasons for redactions.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: One Common redaction code that we saw was Bravo four, which indicates that it has to [00:53:00] do with a state-of-the-art US weapons system, especially from context clues that looked like they were talking about the lipid nanoparticle that was used in the development of these. Then we saw where a lot of these testing sites were done, and we saw B six or Bravo six redaction code used, and we learned that this would reveal information including foreign government information that could cause serious harm between the relations of the United States and a foreign government.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Or the ongoing diplomatic activities with the US and a foreign government. Then we saw the video of the man who met a woman from China saying that if she got that shot while she's in America, she would be barred from entry into China. And she claims that there was a test or a scan of some type that they would be able to use and if it was positive as she would be barred from entry.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Then we've looked at BioNTech and their agreement with [00:54:00] Fosun Pharmaceutical that was on 16 March, 2020, and have they plan to work together to develop the Covid 19 vaccine. A short time after that, Pfizer and BioNTech begin working together 20. July, 2020 to provide 100 million doses of B N T 1 62 to the American people and, and the specific branches of government that did that, or departments, the specific department that made those agreements was US Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Defense to meet the US Government's Operation Warp Speed program.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: So there are two laws, the N D A A from 2006 and the Berry Amendment, so the N D A of 2006, [00:55:00] it's also 2 2 5 0.770, and it was revised in 29 October, 2020 Prohibits the acquisition from communist Chinese military companies. Well, if you're a communist Chinese company, then you're also part of the military.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Remember everything they do. Think of sun Sue in all scale war. They don't want you to let you know you're at war. That's the idea is you attack your enemy. You don't let them know you're attacking and you don't let them know. You don't let them know that you're attacking because if you're going, if I'm gonna tell you, hey, I'm gonna hit you in the face, you're gonna move, you're gonna block, you're gonna do something to prevent me from hitting you in the face.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Instead, using those tactics, I just go on and attack when you're least expecting it, maybe even attack you and not even let you know that you are currently being under attack. Then there's also the berry amendment [00:56:00] and what the berry amendment tells us is this just to keep D o D dollars. In the us

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: the idea of the barrier amendment is to keep US dollars. In the us especially when it has to do anything with the. And their clothing or any of their equipment. So now we've got potentially, and I would say by their documents, they say that we are in some sort of biological warfare event. We have a US company that partners with a Chinese company.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: I'm using BioNTech and Pharma.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: So let's do another quick recap. We have a German company partnering with a Chinese company. Then we have an American company partnering with [00:57:00] that German slash Chinese company. Then we have that collaboration of American, German, and Chinese company working together to provide shots for the American people and for service members.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: We know as we read through some of the documents released that there is a state-of-the-art US weapon system involved

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: is a state-of-the-art US weapon system that China has had the ability to see that China has the ability to alter and we're requiring that service members take this, which is in violation of the NDA 2006. And it may not be in violation of the letter of the law for the berry amendment, but it's certainly a violation of the spirit of the law for the Berry amendment.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: So we could potentially be in a place [00:58:00] right ne right now, where we have a developed bio warfare agent that has had influence from a foreign entity that is an enemy and we are currently requiring. Service members to get this with all this information into account. We shouldn't even allow service members to get it if they wanted it, we, we should bar them from all use of this because if this was actually developed, which there's a high likelihood that it could be.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: If there's any development that came from China, this could likely be a binary biological weapon system. And we'll get into the binary biological weapon system later in the series. Do you want your enemy making a medical device medication or anything that is required by your government to go into your military [00:59:00] with all this information to account the risk?

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Even if greater than 1% is so great that all vaccine mandates should immediately stop for all service members and service members should be barred. From getting this until further investigation can be completed. For a, if the va, if the virus is as dangerous as they say, it's not nearly as dangerous as potentially injecting service members with a foreign developed, an enemy developed bio weapon.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Thank you for taking the time to listen today. Please share this as far as you can. Like it, share it, subscribe it. Please write a review. Please do your own homework. Please don't take my word for it, but this information needs to get out and get out quickly so that we can stop the hemorrhage. The first thing you must do is stop the hemorrhage and then we can go back and try and repair whatever we can.[01:00:00]

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: But if we don't stop this mandate immediately, there will be more service members either kicked out. It'll be more service members that bend the knee or more service members that will potentially accept this. Possible bio weapon into their body.

Dr. Sam Sigoloff: Together we can all make courage more contagious than fear.

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