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Café Locked Out’s Goal And The Deplorables Epic Road Trip

"We have become historians; capturing a history they are already trying to erase."
~Michael Gray Griffith

The Last Leg

Today we have been on the road over 100 days, and we are due back in Melbourne on July 4th.
The journey has changed us all, yet the Tide of Tyranny is continuing to come in.
On a positive note the goal of the journey, birthed in Epic, was to try replant the joy, hope and its sense of a new community , all around Australia, like your grandmother reseeding a neighbours plant.
But this was arrogant, for Epic is seeding itself everywhere from Portland to Boolaroo to Darwin, And we have proved that by going there, physically, and meeting these seedlings. These warriors.
I now believe that the Shrine was where the Resistance was officially conceived, and Epic was the womb were our glorious and growing resistance was born.
And even though we are making mistakes, that’s just because we are learning to use our limbs, to speak with our new voice, to discern what we are seeing with our liberated eyes, coloured in the hue and the hunger of freedom.
Before returning to Melbourne, we will continue to record these people’s stories. It is an honour to do so, and all three of us feel humbled and warmed to be apart of this growing tribe. This rising Counterculture that will one day be the king tide that will wash away all their perversions.
Now we have to philosophise, decide what we need from a culture, not just for us but for the future generations, for this defined need will allow us to see our destination, the new country we will help build, and once we can see it, we will reach it, create it, for as a people that’s what we have the skills, passion and responsibility to do.
And whilst we may never reach there, for this will be a long struggle, we will have the privilege of being its foundation, that’s why we are, if we have the courage and the love to be so, the Architects of the New Australia. Our Australia, built on a foundation of Inclusion, Empathy and Freedom.
Michael Gray Griffith
Wendy Ross and Kret
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