7 months ago

Raising Free Range Kids with Homeoprophylaxis: The best Inoculation Against Disease

Cilla Whatcott - Founder of Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice

In large part, our respected American healthcare system is no longer respected, nor effective. A century ago, the Robber Barons cartelized every market, under the “kind” dynamic of the “Progressive” era. In particular, John D. Rockefeller funded a medical association collusion to defund and outlaw legacy aspects of physician practices… practices which would not rely on the Robber Baron’s new, “scientific” approach that coincidentally relied on petroleum byproducts sold by Rockefeller’s Standard Oil (now Exxon).

The Rockefeller-birthed pharmaceutical industry exploded, and with it, their new school of “allopathic” medicine. Even if it took some one hundred years, this COVID tyranny that’s threatened and shut down doctors who tried to prescribe effective treatments, rather than Pharma’s dangerous vaccines, is finally awakening the public to the dangers and corruption of “modern” medicine.

Homeopathy, a completely different and proven approach to health and medicine, does not rely on pharmaceutical drugs. Considered an alternative approach to training bodily immunity – including from epidemic diseases such as Malaria and AIDS – published studies with populations in the millions, in some cases, show that Homeoprophylaxis (HP) is just as effective as traditional vaccines.

Why is HP still relatively unknown? Could it be because it is effective, inexpensive to produce, and totally safe?

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