[TPR-0030] The Magnetic Telegraph by Anonymous staff, Albany Argus

Published September 23, 2022 3 Views

This is a fascinating Victorian article from 1845, discussing how the connecting of major cities via the telegraph will metaphorically shrink the country and bring us closer together as a people. It struck us as interesting because the same thing was said of the Internet—that it would bring the world closer to the point where we'd stop fighting among one another and become a single family. Unfortunately, we're not quite there yet, but it's nonetheless a compelling relationship between the views of a modern technology, its early antecedent, and the desires of the people of both eras.

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The Magnetic Telegraph
by Anonymous staff, Albany Argus

published in Littell's Living Age, Volume 4, Issue 34, January 4, 1845, page 21
by Boston: T. H. Carter & Co., 1845

Text Source: https://theproudreader.com/library/authors/anonymous/the-magnetic-telegraph/
Author Page: https://theproudreader.com/library/authors/anonymous/
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