[TPR-0027] Florante's Lament by Francisco Balagtas

1 year ago

This Romantic period poem by Francisco Balgatas, was written while he was imprisoned—an incarceration due to the influence of his muse's admirer, Mariano Capule. In it, the speaker laments the destruction of his once beautiful country by its current rulers, and questions God as to why he has not delivered them from this evil.

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Florante's Lament
by Francisco Balagtas
translated by George St. Clair

published in Florante and Laura
by Manila : The Times Press, 1920

Text Source: https://theproudreader.com/library/authors/francisco-balagtas-baltazar/florantes-lament/
Author Page: https://theproudreader.com/library/authors/francisco-balagtas-baltazar/
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