[TPR-0018] Einstein-Szilard Letter by Leo Szilard

Published August 12, 2022 1 Views

Though addressed and signed by Albert Einstein, the Einstein-Szilard Letter was largely (if not completely) written by Leo Szilard. In this letter, they inform President Roosevelt about the possibility of creating nuclear chain reactions with uranium, what the military applications might be, and attempt to persuade him to create a link between them and the necessary government agencies to quickly further this research and obtain the raw materials required.

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Einstein-Szilard Letter
by Leo Szilard

written August 2, 1939

Text Source: https://theproudreader.com/library/authors/leo-szilard/einstein-szilard-letter/
Author Page: https://theproudreader.com/library/authors/leo-szilard/
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