[TPR-0016] Disapproving and Accepting the Constitution by Benjamin Franklin

Published August 5, 2022 5 Views

In this speech, Benjamin Franklin eloquently lays out why he and the rest of his colleagues should support the finalizing of the Constitution, even if they do not agree with it fully. He explains that his experiences have shown him that a person often changes their opinion in life, and they should not let their egos get in the way of doing something that is necessary and act on their great accomplishment instead of waiting in vain to achieve perfection.

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Disapproving and Accepting the Constitution
by Benjamin Franklin
translated byDelivered at the Constitutional Convention, 1787

published in The World's Best Orations Volume 6, page 169
by Albany NY: J. B. Lyon Company, Printer, 1913

Text Source: https://theproudreader.com/library/authors/benjamin-franklin/disapproving-and-accepting-the-constitution/
Author Page: https://theproudreader.com/library/authors/benjamin-franklin/
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