In Defense of Lincoln and McKinley: Alternative Educational Alliance convo with Matt

1 year ago

Both Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley lived their lives according to certain fundamental principles and identities which are desperately needed in today's crisis-ridden world, and without the which any hope for redemption of either the republican party, or the United States of America were lost.

Sadly, narratives crafted by the enemies of both men over the course of 100+ years have tended to paint either martyred president as either "more than human" angelic beings or "less than human" corrupt tyrants. In either instance of fallacy, the actual humanity of either man is lost and future generations lose the ability to identify with the struggles, tribulations, challenges, wisdom and virtues which animated the hearts and minds of both Lincoln and McKinley and which must be revived today.

In this discussion with the Alternative Educational Alliance's Vincent Boccarossa and Brandi Barnes, Matt Ehret was invited to shed light on the political, economic and geopolitical policies of both men, and the dynamic of world history shaping the world stage which Lincoln and McKinley stepped onto.

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