11 months ago

Sick and Twisted Cultists and the War Against God: Lara Logan

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"I no longer use that term [global elite] because this person told me that they're not elite; they're a cult. That's what they are. They're a global cult."

"You have people [global elite] whose one single most important defining objective is to eliminate and eradicate God."

"Children are the closest thing on Earth to God because we are created in the image of God ... The closer you are to God, the more pain they can inflict on God, so the more you can make a baby or small child suffer, the greater your victory over God."

Full Video: https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2022/06/lara-logan-fake-news-narratives-facts-dangers-of-the-post-covid-world-with-jerm-warfare/ref/8/

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