From Democracy to Technocracy: Why the WHO Will Fail - Obert Kondongwe, Zimbabwe

1 year ago

Obert Kondongwe presents "From Democracy to Technocracy: Why the WHO's Plan on Sovereignty Will Fail" at the official launch of the The African Sovereignty Coalition (ASC).

The motivation of the ASC launch includes resistance to undemocratic developments that threaten the sovereignty of Africa and all nations. These threats are being driven by the WHO and by extension, the United Nations and the WEF. The ASC believes that together there is a better way for health, autonomy and sovereignty.

The ASC launch event brings together seventeen expert African scientists, doctors, lawyers, activists and journalists from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya, together with international allies and friends from the United Kingdom, the United States and Switzerland.

Some of the topics presented include:

- Exposing WHO Conflicts of Interest

- From Democracy to Technocracy. Why the WHO's plan will fail.

- The People vs the System: WHO is WHO in Afrika? How can we be truly free?

- Gene Therapy


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