[TPR-0008] Letter to the Editor by H. P. Lovecraft

2 years ago

This 1928 letter to the editor of Weird Tales is an interesting insight into the mind of the grandfather of modern horror, H. P. Lovecrart. In it, he explains (in so many words) that the biggest problem he sees with science fiction writers is their tendency to anthropomorphise alien beings and worlds while using cheap language.

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Letter to the Editor
by H. P. Lovecraft

published in Weird Tales: vol. 11, no. 2, page 282
by Indianapolis: Popular Fiction Publishing Company, 1928

Text Source: https://theproudreader.com/library/authors/h-p-lovecraft/lovecraft-letter-to-the-editor/
Author Page: https://theproudreader.com/library/authors/h-p-lovecraft/
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