Ep. 10: Unity Project w/ Dr. Pierre Kory: The dismantling of healthcare if CA AB 2098 passes

1 year ago

What’s UP? Everyone, I’m Laura Sextro, CEO of The Unity Project and your podcast host.

On today’s episode, you will hear from Dr. Pierre Kory, Pulmonologist, ICU Critical Care Doctor, and co-founder and President of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).
Dr. Kory has been at the forefront of speaking out for medical freedoms and exposing the truth of COVID-19 protocols and vaccine safety.
We discuss the new FLCCC protocols for vaccine injured patients, the horrendous CA bill AB 2098 that if passed, would prevent doctors to practice medicine. Dr. Kory and his license have already been the target of investigation and everyone in this country should be aware of This proposed legislation that could lead to the total dismantling of healthcare.

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